A little about me...


I like puppies, scandalous conversation, fine dining, charming children and travelling off the beaten path. Yep, I'm that well rounded.


If you want to be a stickler for relevance, then keep reading for a writer's impression of how I sound...


Jules is one of Sydney's best voice over actors. She's voiced national campaigns across television, radio and digital advertising formats for an illustrious client list. Visit the 'about' section for more info or click on 'listen' for her latest voice over compilations.

You know you shouldn't, but Jules is the extra scoop of chocolate.  


She's tempting, she has those eyes across the bar, she has the vodka, lime and soda voice you want to meet at 2am.  Young adopter of the latest in mobile phones, iphone, portable technology of Gen Y.  


Morning happy girl in the cafe down the road who knows you.  Cheeky because she has a secret. Speaks the language of the girl in the office next door, or those two friends cruising the designer jeans racks.


Husky tones of sleepy sheets and cosy covers.  Get out of my way or my Mini Cooper convertible will run you over....beep.....beep.  Sexy over ice.  


Open any page of a magazine and out pops Jules.

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